The Characters


In the modern world, she was a simple girl, living through a mundane life with unanswered questions about her own purpose. Quiet, content and numb, she went through the days thinking that everything is normal.

But time traveling can change a girl!

In Neo-Seoul, she is a newly reborn girl, with both a new identity and a new lease on life. Willing to go on adventure and help others, she tries to find out what she was meant to do- in both her modern world and in Neo-Seoul.

DUCK- YOUNG, unknown

Rang-i’s faitful companion and wise assistant. Was once a majestic yak leader but now a cute minature verison of himself due to the witch’s curse. He offers great advice and plans but with his cute appearance, it’s hard to take it seriously.



Supposedly the Crown Prince of Neo-Korea. He is cranky majority of the time and is so fragile and tired. But when a new moon appears, something seems different about him...