The Story

Rang-I, is a typical 20 something year old, who like everyone else suffers from an identity crisis! With a job she never wanted, the small handful of friends and family who seem distant, and her future of becoming someone great crumbling bit by bit, everything that should be fine is not.

But through a freak series of events, she ends up time traveling to Neo-Seoul- a post-apocalyptic Korea, where modern marvels of today’s world is replaced for the Choson’s way of life. Not only that, she has taken the unwanted identity of the Black Tiger- an infamous assassin who is known for killing numerous people. With a new infamous identity, a talking yak companion and an accompanying old man who says he’s royalty, she travels the uncharted land, coming across new adventures, friends and enemies. But the one thing she will gain from all this is a the identity of who she was meant to be.

Brown Tiger is a comic story about a girl figuring out her life in a world filled with folklore and fairy tale influences. Through the people she meets and encounters she goes through, the journey to become one’s own is a long but worth while adventure.