Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy few weeks and there hasn't been much of an update! 

So here is a super edition update for you guys!

Two weeks ago, I went to Harvard University...

Not to enroll in school (because I don't think I can ever be THAT smart to attend) but for some research for some comic stories!)

It was a fun (but tiring and tedious) and also this time, I had a crazy "research assistant" (aka my mother... who disappeared 90% of the time that I actually needed her lol) with me.

TIme spent with my head in the books + good clam chowder and crab cakes = not a bad time in Boston

But that doesn't mean that I am warming up to Boston... still would rather be in NYC... hahah!


After that, I just spent all my time looking at my research info and taking notes... 

Along with keeping the theme of eating Seafood... 

Yeah man... my allergies to shellfish did not forgive me at all... hahaha!! (cries)

This past weekend, I spent my whole time eating good food!

There was free ice cream at Morgenstern's and I had cute piggies for dimsum! (It's a custard bun filling so it's just as sweet!)

Then after that, I basically died... when you go hardcore at cycling, you should expect to hardcore recover! 

Welp till next time!


Hey everyone!

Just dumped some sketches from my Note 3 onto the site!

Check it out- like this one where i tried to illustrate how guys on OKCupid make me vomit... YEAH!

hahah till next time!

Hello everyone! 

I hope you guys had a great weekend!

I had a very, very busy but adventurous weekend!

First off, I decided this weekend to go to the Jazz Age Lawn Fest, which is a 1920's gathering on Governor's Island, NYC. But then I realized... I do not have anything 1920's ish in my wardrobe! Which meant it was a great time to make a costume! PROJECT RUNWAY TIME!

So I thought the best way to go about this is to start researching! So it was off to Google images and binge watching Boardwalk Empire. (which by the way is a great show to watch but might be a little violent to watch in the wee hours.)

Any who, after researching the types of dresses, the color scheme, what type of look i was going for and other factors, I decided that I might the design I want to do!


Here are the final sketch of the dress I wanted to do and the color scheme I was thinking of using.


Then after picking up my fabrics from Mood Fabrics and a few drinks later, it was off to a 12 hour sewing fest!! And the night wasn't that bad since I had Nucky killing people in the background (reference to Boardwalk Empire)

It was the day of the festival and the day was beautiful! People everywhere are dressed up and the sun was shinning. But the big question is- did I go to this festival in the dress that I made or was I naked in public because the whole idea of making a dress was a horrible idea to begin with?

Well the answer to that question is...


And this is what the dress looked like below!!


The dress actually turned out really nicely!

The inspiration for the dress was for a "day time to night time" dress- outfits that I tend to go for since I am always out and about at all hours of the day. So during my research I found out that even though many people in the 1920's usually go for light color outfits, blue was considered a royal/ rich color because getting that hue is a science in it's self. Along with using my favorite color (brown) to round out the fringes, I tried to create a daytime acceptable fringe dress. For a person that hasn't really sewn a full outfit before, I think I did pretty damn good job! lol

Too bad my modeling skills aren't that great. Hah!

But the festival was fun to begin with! I am glad I went! Even had some fun with friends! AHHH! lol



And of course, this Sunday was Father's day!

I hope everyone shared some love with your dad or dads or granddad or dad like figures in your life! 

I always gotta give the parentals some love for making me an amazing person that you see now!

So here are some throwback photos of me and my dad when I was little!

Aren't I cute little bugger?

Welp! Till next time!!

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend?

Well, I had an adventure on my weekend!

Early Saturday morning, I got my cup of coffee and a random bus ticket and I started to go on an adventure! To where? 

Well... I went to...


Philadelphia!! The city of Brotherly love!

Well the main reason I went to Philly was to check out the Korean Art Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

It was pretty cool! But time consuming since there was no photography allowed in the gallery. So I had to draw everything in front of me and tried to make sure all my notes were correct. Phew!

After that, I went through some of the other exhibits they had, which was really awesome! They made everything so life like! At one point, I was in a tea house in Japan! It was pretty amazing!


Then after the Museum, I went on a walk down South Street, which is where all the cool and hip things were happening... I got a few tasty drinks from cool themed bars, saw some awesome mosaics on the buildings and walls and of course... got to do what I been dreaming of for the past few weeks...


A Philly cheese steak from Jim's!!!

OMG it is divine!!! It's something I haven't had in ages and I am so happy to have that delicious SOB in my mouth! Yum yum!!


Then after that, I spent some time shopping for some new dresses which looks awesome on me! Here are some sketches of those outfits :)


All in all, the trip was pretty fantastic! I met fantastic people, had amazing food to eat, walked pass my fitbit goal (first time in months! lol) and I saw the awesome side of Philly!

A great one day vacation to myself! :)




Welp! That was all!

Till next time!

After that, I just spent the day catching up with friends, eating tacos and grilled corn and everything under neath the sun.

I also got a cool flamingo bag which went well with the dress I got in Philly!