Cycling, Madness, Booze in bunny (aka What I did this weekend!)

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?! 

My weekend was pretty insane (but good... I think?)

First off, started it off crying and flailing... in cycling class! I been getting used to taking these classes but each time, I feel like I am dying a little inside... but no pain means no gain, right?!

Then after that, I basically was in a full day coma... my muscles got to recover somehow right?

Ughhh -____-;;



During the weekend, I realized my favorite documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness was available on Netflix and I streamed that while working.

It's great to watch and listen to, especially when doing the same kind of work. It's like if he was literally in my studio, motivating me to work!

Please we both have cute "You can do it" signs at our desk. AKA- It's like I'm in the big leagues!! Yeah!

Then, it was Easter!

It was fun- saw friends, did the whole Easter shebang and then partied with some people. 

Highlight of the party- drinking booze out of a chocolate bunny. It was okay with the booze, but I think it would be better with some milk! Chocolate milk for the win!!!

Welp, that's my weekend! It was fun while it lasted!

Til next time!