Emergency, burgers and fish (A.K.A things that happened on my weekend!)

Hello everyone!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was better than mine cause it was an adventure!!

First off, there was an emergency at home where we were about to lose power and water for the night. Panicing, my household tried to get all the essentials for surviving the night- wine for me and candles for others. I definitely know how to ride through an emergency! hahaha

Then after that, I had one of the most amazing brunches in a very, very long time!


It was from a place called Cookshop and that burger was divine. And that Bloody Mary too! Yum yum!

I also was able to venture around during my break from helping others and eat some yummy Tayaki. Hey look- when we kiss, we look identical! 

Hahahah- just kidding, the fish looks better! 

That was it!

Till next time!