What's on my desk?? (A Studio inside look!)

Hey everyone!

So everyone always wants to know what my thinking/ doing process is for making comics and stories. Well... to be honest, I actually don't really know what it is, but I can try to break everything up into pieces and see if it would help you!

So the first thing I would encounter in my studio is the main five!

  1. My amazing planner! While everyone uses online calendars and apps, I stay with my paper book/ write my plans in pen planner. For me, I remember to do things when I write them down and I have no excuse to be lazy and not update my daily task. Also, I get to decorate it with pretty washi tape and doodles so who wouldn't want to do that! My planner is from MUJI and you can check our more stuff here.
  2. Can't do without my computer. I work on art related stuff on my iMac, while I work on coding and story writing on my work PC. Sad to admit but if my computer was a man,  I would totally hook up with him. He might as well be called old dependable! Hahah!
  3. Since I was little, I was a huge stationary girl. I would buy cute stickers, planners and pens to decorate and write stuff on. That stuck with me as I grew up and I always been a big fan of great pens. These are from MUJI and are so precious! I can't go on without bring all my pens with me. 
  4. I keep some photos of me and my friends and a piece of Sailor Moon artwork on my desk. It motivates me to work hard to play hard and my true inspiration of why I want to be an cartoonist. Gotta keep my priorities in check, am I right?
  5. Last but not least, I need my lucky ring and my fitbit. My ring is the comfiest ring I ever encountered and it brought me a lot of good luck recently. My Fitbit helps me not get to carried away about working behind a desk. A healthy mind needs work and air and you might as well work out that mind as you get some air! The ring is from VERAMEAT from NYC and you can check out Fibit and their other products here

That's it for the moment! If you guys have any questions, please feel free to comment and I'll try to help you out :)

Till next time!