One date, no date and sad date (aka taxes)! (What I did this weekend)

Oof! The weekend is already over!

My weekend was well... errr... interesting..

The main thing I basically did this weekend was taxes... but not really because I wanted to do taxes... more like... it apparently is my back up plan when a date cancels?

So recently I have been going on a lot of dates and talking to guys (SHOCK! GASP! I KNOW! WTF?!) It's not my forte, but I got to try it. Anyway, I went on a couple of awesome dates, even one that started before the weekend. But then there was this one date- err.. well I should say date that didn't happen?

It was a date that was set up with a person I met at my first speed dating event (which is a whole another topic that I should explain later). I was pretty excited (sorry- VERY excited) since it was someone I met shortly and was interested in me (which still is a shocker to me haha) Anyway, since I was super excited and didn't know this place that well, I decided to get there a little early to enjoy to wine and read my book but unfortunately, he canceled. Not a big deal right? Well... I guess it was?

So having my expectations shot down and wearing a pretty dress and all dolled up and traveling in the snow in heels for blocks, the only reaction I had to that was to cry. And thinking I didn't want to cry in front of people, I decided to cry at my office since it was the closest place I could think of that has my emergency stash of booze.

So now I'm at my office, all dolled up, in tears, drinking some booze. Thinking I should do something to keep myself from being upset, I decided to do my taxes... so yeah, if you guys ever need something to do when a guy cancels on you, you should DEFINITELY do your taxes... *sigh*

But all is well... I'm in the groove again so I got a ton of work to get to. And who knows? Apparently, I am destined to be one of those people who "marries their work"... hahahahahah... *cries*

Till next time!