Welcome to the new haemichoung.com!


Welcome to the new site! It has been a really long time coming, but I hope the improvements are better than before! Some of things you should notice:

1.)    The colors!! I realized that my site was too… sterile… So, I decided to change it up! I set it up to my favorite color- yellow - which is something I think evokes the feeling of smiles and happiness! And that’s what I always want my readers to have when they get to my page!

2.)    Missing pages!?! I know and I’m sorry about that! Some pages were taken off since a lot of work hasn’t been done/updated regarding those projects! But keep following the blog as I will always have updates and small work done in those categories! Once a lot more work is done and can be collected, I will bring back that second of the site!

3.)    Random circle icons? That and the layouts have been changed on some pages! This will make it easier for you guys to read the comics and illustrations, especially via phone/ tablets!

4.)    A new page?!? Yup! I’m starting the Diary Comics this year and though some pages haven’t made it to the site yet, you can click there to see all the comics that are uploaded regarding my day!

I hope you guys enjoy the changes because it took a butt load of time to do it all! 

I do want to mention that all of this could of been worst, but I am really happy that my site is done on squarespace. I looked at other sites and places to make my site, in general, they had more to offer. And though many sites seems to look the same with plan templates, I think squarespace does the best when it comes to customer service. Hands down, they always are there to help me in my current time of need and always thinks of me later on. It's great! When making a site, it's not just the domain name and page- it also has to do with the service and up keeping of the site!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the changes and keep and eye out for more (and better) blog entries too!

Till next time!