Butter and DIY Rememberulations! (What I did this weekend!)

Happy new year everyone!

How was the first weekend of the new year for you? I hope it was great! Well, it was for me!

One of the great highlights for me was eating ramen noodles... with butter!! BUTTER!! It's so weird when you think about the combination, but when you put it in your mouth... it just... makes sense LOL

Man it makes me want to drool now... *drool*


Anyway, it was so good that I had a dream that same night about me marrying a bowl of it at City Hall... and getting soup on my dress and everyone laughing about it... I also went back today for another bowl (it's at Ramen Misoya in the Lower East Side... it's addicting I tell you!!)


I also spent some time getting my scheduler set up for 2015! It's one of those things that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! And I read an article about "rememberlutions jar", which is a jar you have and all year round, you put a note saying something that you did you were proud/ happy of... 

And since I am super cheap, I decided to get a stamp and stamp it on every page... so when the year pass, I will have 52 notes worth of happy things that happened to me! Clever, huh!

Well back to work! 

Till next time!