Drinking Warm Tea and baring cold legs! (What I did this weekend)

Hello everyone! 

Did everyone have a great weekend?

Well I did!

Even though I worked most of the weekend, I also was able to enjoy some tea and cookies at a place nearby my work called Radiance Tea House. It's a nice little location with a ton of teas to try!! It was so yummy and nice! If you like Asian teas, this is a place to definitely check out!

The other thing I did this weekend was take my pants off on the subway!


NO REALLY!! I'm not kidding!

There is a fun city event that happened called No Pants Subway Ride! and basically all you have to do is take your pants off during the subway ride and look normal! I was able to take part in it and it was hilarious!! Especially since I matched my panties to my shoes... bwahahahah!!

That's basically what I did this weekend!

Till next time!