2015 is the year of Blog Titles!!


Happy 2015 everyone!

I hope everyone had a great start to a new year! I surely did! I played a ton of board games, drank a ton of cider and champagne, and spent it with close friends. What better way to start the new year, am I right?

As an obvious new year tradition, I am going to list all the resolutions that I have for 2015! 

  1. I want to be more productive when it comes to my career. I love comics and will always love them- but a lot of times I have been putting it on the back burner because "life" gets me down or "life" gets in my way. But comics > life, therefore comics = success! So let's get there in 2015!!
  2. Save more money- for all the goals and task I want to do in 2015, it requires money. Now it doesn't mean I want to be a millionaire but I do want to be able to attain them and if that means I work non stop for a few days, so be it! 
  3. I want to network more and be better at it! I come to realize that networking is something I can't avoid. Obviously, I want to be a hermit and do my own thing, but to promote work, you need to meet new people and promote others. It's being in a community that will make artwork better. So if that means I have to up my social media game or *sigh* meet new people- I will do that. Can't be that bad right?
  4. I obviously failed at taking more pictures of myself in 2014 so I am going to do that task again. HAEMI, BE SEXY AND TAKE A PHOTO, OKAY!?!

That's all the resolutions I have at the moment... I do have things on my dream board (I made it when I was bored at work) You can check it out below!!

Welp! Here is to achieving all my dreams this year and for you, the amazing readers, achieve your dream as well!

Till next time!!