Good morning everyone!

How was your weekend!

This is what I did for my weekend!

So first things, first... I slept... I SLEPT FOR 10+ HOURS... with my long work week and all the work I have finished, I thought sleep was be a nice way to start the weekend, right? Also with my room, newly cleaned and reorganized, it seems like the best way to enjoy the room is to sleep in it :)


Then after that, I spent the whole day cooking! Like this still of Homer... when there is no food, he gets mad! Haha just kidding, I don't know what he's saying... but I'm assuming he wants food!


So I cooked!

I made a south western inspired breakfast omelette with peppers and potatoes with chili on top. I also tried to put a face on it but it sort of looks weird... hahaha

Then the other is a korean inspired tuna salad sandwich, made with jalapenos and korean hot pepper paste. It was actually really good! I was surprised! 


Oh! And I tried to make this wine cocktail called "korea"... which they use that name in Germany... but it's a drink with wine and coke! Pretty cool!



Well, that's all I did this weekend!

Till next time!

Then, on Sunday, I decided to have a little picnic and get some artwork done!

And then after that, I got some cool ice coffee! Like this drink, which was a strawberry mocha ice coffee! How neat it that!