Hello everyone!

How is everyone's tuesday??

I have been really cold the pass few days... like... "it's winter and I don't have my granny sweaters" cold... burrrr... but with all these cold breezes, that means that it's almost time for scarf season!! Which also leads to knitting/ crocheting time!! Nice!!

I have been arm knitting alot recently (that is when you use your arms instead of knitting needles to knit stuff)



And I got to say... my skills aren't that bad! Made a few scarves for me and a few friends!! It's so nice and fun to make them! I just with I was more of a millionaire to afford all the yarn in the world!!!


I think my next project is to crochet a beanie to keep my head warm... 

Burrr maybe this winter might be colder than expected... 

I would also totally recommend knitting and crocheting! It's so much fun and you make stuff that you can use every day! I will actually be teaching how to knit and crochet at Maker's Faire in Queens this Sunday! (It's actually for both Saturday and Sunday) So if you want to learn how to knit and crochet, get a ticket and visit me! I will be more than happy to knit scarves with you while talking about comics :) I posted an image about the faire below and I'm sure you can click it to check out more!

Till next time!