Hello everyone!

How was your weekend?

I hope it was fun! Cause this is what I did in my weekend!

It first started out on Friday- it was crazy day but I was able to get some quiet time and make some comics! Woo!

Then after that, me and a friend treated ourselves to some yummy tapas at a new place called Boqueria

Oh yummy!!!


We had beef and potato croquet, dates wrapped in bacon and an assortment of goat and sheep milk cheese with some Chorizo Iberico. It was soooo yummmy!!! I want some more!!! Hahahaha!

Then Saturday was chocked full of random events!

I had dim sum at my old dim sum place and then searched all over Brooklyn Chinatown for pocky ballons (while buying a ton for me to enjoy- tee hee hee)

Then after that, I went on a movie date and saw the best. movie. ever- GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!

It was not that bad! I was pretty excited to see it- especially with Groot and Rocket in it! GAHH! THE CUTEST BIFFLES EVER!!

Then I had a girl's night out with some girlfriends and I called it a weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend so you can start this week right!

Till next time!