Hello everyone! 

How was your weekend?

For one of the last weekends of summer, I hope you guys went out with a bang!

What did I do? Well, I... just cleaned my studio... all weekend long... (well after all those tough deadlines, I need to do some cleaning to restore balance!)

But while I did that, I was able to catch up on all the sailor moon episodes that were being uploaded to hulu! So I got to relive my childhood! yayyy!


And what's even more awesome is that I get to see things that I haven't noticed before (cause a 6 year old can't pick up all the hints about being married at 25....)

Hahaha so that's where I get my obsession for dating! Hahah!

Welp, with a clean studio and a ton of old memories flowing back to my head- it's time to start this week right!

Till next time!