Hello everyone!

Before the weekend starts, I wanted to share some cool things with you!

First is that I started make tea blends with Adagio Teas! 

Basically the teas are based on the mini comics I am making at the moment and I believe are a great way to enjoy reading webcomics and a hot tummy drink at the same time!

Being Chat-TEA is based off of the many characters of Haemi Choung’s mini comics. As a cartoonist that constantly works on comics, she depends on tea to fuel her brain and hands. Being an huge lover of irish breakfast tea, she began to image what kind of tea she would want to have with her own characters. Thus, this series was created! So order some tea, brew a pot of water, and sip some comic blends as you read my mini comics! Who knows- maybe you’ll get to know the characters better with each sip! Website- www.haemichoung.com
— https://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=73249

I been thinking about doing for a while and I'm finally glad that it is now possible! Below are the tea artwork and links for tea! You should get some and try them out! And if it doesn't taste that great, just tell me and I can make some adjustments! 

Other than that, have a great weekend everybody!

Till next time!

Being Chat-TEA with Rang-I!

Based on the mini comic BROWN TIGER, this tea explores the personality of our Heroine Rang-i, also known as the Brown Tiger. With a strong Irish tea base mixed with oriental spices, you get Rang-i- A strong hero that is learning her oriental roots. As as time passes and tea seeps, you get a nice blend of both!

Based on the mini comic, TRINITY FORCE FOUR. God looks over everything and make sure everything is fine. Keeping the piece sure makes things simple but great! And that's what this is! With a hint of Vanilla and apple, God sure makes the world as sweet and simple as an apple pie!


Being Chat-TEA with the Holy Spirit! 

Based on the mini comic, TRINITY FORCE FOUR, this Cinnamon and Irish Tea mix will give your taste buds a kick! Just like the fighting-like spirit of the holy spirit, both this tea and him won't let you down!

Being Chat-TEA with Jesus! 

Based on mini comic TRINITY FORCE FOUR. Whenever you're stressed out or need some comfort, Jesus is definitely there for you and now this tea is too! With a mix of the healing powers of cranberries and the sweetness of strawberries, this Irish tea blend will make your day as calm as if Jesus was sitting next to you!



Being Chat-TEA with Samantha! 

Based on the mini comic TRINITY FORCE FOUR. Do you need something fruity and strong? Does it seem like your day is going to get hard and you don't know what to do? Well, look no further! This strong irish tea with the hint of peach and pineapple will make any day conquerable! Just like our spunky little apprentice, this tea will make the end of the day a little more peachy!

Being Chat-TEA with Daisy!

Based on mini comic ONE FLIGHT UP! Dating in the modern day world is tough. Getting a job is tougher. Trying to figure out what you should do with your life- FORGET ABOUT IT! But when all seems hopeless, a good tea will make things better. This mix of Irish tea with mango and passion fruit will make life worth pursuing!