Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a great weekend! 

So this is what my weekend was like!

So let's start with Thursday!

Thursday I went on this amazing date! Couldn't be higher than cloud nine! It first started out at a bar called McGee (which is the inspiration for the bar in "How I Met Your Mother") and I had a ton of cool drinks, such as the Pineapple Incident, Have you met the Captain, and Robin Sparkles! So yummy!

I thought the date ended there but apparently it kept going... 


So we ended up going to a free concert in Hudson River Park... the music was meh but the times were fun! And look! We were even in one of the photos! hahahah! We were spotted!

The date went on for 9 nine hours! It was the longest date I have been on but it was definitely maybe one of the best dates I been on in a long time!

Matter of fact of dates, Friday night was spent at a single's mixer... 

And if you're wondering what a single's mixer is... it's basically awkward hell... hahah!

They gave us "pick up lines" to help find a match and everything... they were so cheesy... my line was "Are you religious? Cause you're the answers to all my prayers" and my friend's was "I bet you $20 you're gonna turn me down."... weird...


and this is what I wore during the event... I went shopping last minute for it... which now I feel sort of stupid... but the dress was really pretty so I now I am meh towards it hahaha

And to round it off, I went on a date on Saturday... which happened to be the WORST DATE IN HISTORY... seriously... it's so funny how I always have the worst and best dates in the same weekend... 

*sigh*... but I do have to admit I am very appreciative for having such a great amount of experiences regarding these dates... sometimes to learn what the best is, you gotta know what the worst is... Am I right? OF COURSE I AM! HAHA


And Sunday was rounded out to be... CLEANING TIME!


A clean work space is a productive work space! And since I did the whole studio change last week, it was time to finish all the details and make it official! I'll take pictures and update you guys on how it looks like!

Then after that, I started marathoning more shows (like Hello Ladies and Getting On) and drew some more artwork and comics!

That was my weekend!

Till next time!