Hello everyone!

How was your weekend!?

I hope it was great! Well, this is what I did this weekend!

First, I had a "date" Thursday night... which just consisted of sausages, pool, and darts... basically a bro night! Haha! But the sausages are really good- had a dish called currywurst... which is like sausage in steak curry sauce-ish. Not bad! Would definitely go there again! 

Then Friday, I spent the afternoon gathering things for my weekend plan!!... which is...



I had to get more storage for all the art that I been making, so it was time to re-do my studio to do that! And then I thought, why not try to use "Feng Shui", the art of accessing the potential of the room by arranging certain items. So I thought, it can't be that hard! But it's pretty, pretty hard... and a long process, to say the least!

First I tired to figure out what to do with direction and what should go in what area. But Feng Shui has a lot of rules to it and my room seems to be breaking all the rules... *sigh*

And with all the technology out there, it seems making a reliable compass is something that can't be perfected as an app! Hahah!


Then I started doing the bulk of the cleaning... and let's just say it's not a fun feat to do! :(

Everything I ever loved is on the floor and it just drives me crazy! But alas, cleaning takes a while to get done!

So thinking it would be easy, I started the day watching some funny movies, such as "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone", "Clear History", "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World", and "Wet, Hot American Summer"... which by the way, one of the nerds is from my parts in New Jersey. Gotta give a shout out to that! Haha!


So after a very deep and long nap/ sleep (on everything I ever own)...


It was back to cleaning! 

Spent the day cleaning some more, vacuuming the carpet, repainting and spackling the wall, dodging families at Home Depot and IKEA and carrying very heavy boxes of furniture... I only got a fraction of everything done... *sigh*

But I'll keep you updated on that status!

But the only good thing I did this weekend... made good meals! Like leftover steak over a fried egg and taboule salad... 

Sigh... more cleaning to do!

That's it! Till next time!