Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

This is what I did this weekend!

Well first, I saw royalty! (Well I think they are... hahaha)

I went to the Beyonce/ Jay-Z "On the Run" concert and it was pretty epic!! I never been to a concert this size and crazy and it was not a let down! It was amazing!

And my phone caught some pretty good shots of the concert, which I was very surprised since it was a cell phone camera and not a regular camera!


Beyonce was a terrific singer but I think for me, the best parts were when Jay-Z was singing... I didn't know I was more of a Jay-Z fan or that I knew all his lyrics but it was a pleasant surprise! The end of the concert was the best part- they said to "light up the place" and literally every takes their cell phones and lights up the place. It looks like stars... it was amazing!

As I'm going to more concerts, I realized there are different types of concerts, different types of fans and different types of showmanship. But all in all, it was pretty epic! If someone gave me more money, I would totally go to their concert again... or more concerts! hahah!

The next day I met with a friend, who is like a little sister to me, in flushing. It was a gorgeous day outside so I decided to wear some pimpin' prints- floral and flamingos! Not bad, am I right? Haha! By the way, the floral print on the black background is the hat I got during the concert the day before! Didn't know Beyonce was all about floral prints but I think it looks awesome!

So we binged on a ton of dimsum and had some experimental bubble tea... it was a roselle tea with basil seeds... It was cool to look at but awkward to drink.... but none the less an challenge worth doing!



Last but not least, one of the highlights of my weekend was having a reunion of some college friends I met 7 years ago, when were were all in the same freshman year class.

It's so odd to think that so much time has passed since then. If there is one thing I can tell you guys is that even though time has gone by and things have changed in your lives, what still stays in your lives are something worth celebrating! So if you have a friend from years ago that you're still friends with now, tell them how much you appreciate them! It takes really strength to be there till the end!

Welp, that's it for now!

Till next time!~