Hello everyone!

Last night, I had soup dumplings during a date! They were so yummy! It has been a while since I had some... but it was extra special since I was on a first date! 

During the date, the guy asked what it was like being a cartoonist and I drew this to show him what part of it is (seeing everything like a unique character or seeing interesting stories)

He looked at me and was not impressed. Not everyone can love a cartoonist hahaha



And yesterday I started this new productivity app called HabitRPG, which is an app that sets up your to-do list like you're an RPG character. Each task you work on or complete, you get gold, exp points and more! It's pretty awesome! Trying it out for now and maybe I'll be a cute avatar! haha!

Well the weekend is coming! It might get a little crazy!

Till next time!~