How was your weekend?

I had a really busy, busy weekend!!

First it started with Friday night- there was a Streets of Laredo/ Kaiser Chief concert at Webster hall!

Pretty rad since I just started going to concerts the pass few weeks! We even got there early and got to be in the front!


What was really cool as at one point, the opening band, Streets of Laredo, took a pic of the crowd... and you can totally see us! (me and my friend are in the lower right hand corner)...

Of course I would be the one with the peace signs up... hahah so asian of me!


The main band, Kaiser Chiefs were pretty awesome. There were great showmen and had the crowd going crazy. I never seen so many girls just scream their lungs out! hahaha!

But I think out of all the concerts, I have been to, this one was the coolest!


After that, I spent the Saturday meeting up with people and catching up. These are some random pics of what happened!


Then it was Sunday!! AND KOREA WAS PLAYING!! YAYYY!!

I was so excited! I got my Korea shirt on, I was pumped, I even had some liquour in my system!

But unfortunately, we lost to Algeria... in like, the worst way possible! UGHHHH!

Now we must win against Belguim to have any chance of making it... how nerve wrecking is that?

Anyway that was it for my weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Till next time~