Have you ever had a moment where you stopped to look in a mirror and realize how much you have grown?

Well I have... and I do have to admit, I'm pretty surprised.


You see, exactly one year ago, I was laid off from my first job after graduation. I felt really angry and sad because it was not a clear cut situation of why I was let go- the line was very blurred between legit reason and favoritism and personal influences. Whatever, it's done.

But in any case, it was a life changing situation. 

You see, that event made me rethinking everything in my life. From what I want to do to what I need to survive. I learned about the power of money and what it takes to survive on my own. I learned that losing a job isn't the worst thing in the world but looking for one feels like the worst torture one can feel. But the the most important lesson I think I gained is the concept and experience of dating and realizing what I want in my life.

Looking back on the pass year, I went through a ton of experiences- First date, horrible date, awesome date, weird date, first boyfriend, first break up, first love, first unemployment and more! And I am so glad to experience every weird, funny, sad, horrible, upsetting event. 

And of course the best way to show my appreciation is to share it with you guys.

So that is how the story One Flight Up! was created. It was to keep track of all the growth I made, while making it an interesting journey for you to read along with.

Today, the Promo chapter is up! Click here to read it! You can take a peak of what the story is going to be like.

A new chapter will be uploaded every Wednesday, unless noted otherwise.

Please note this story is also for ages 16 and up. There are some stuff that might not be suitable for younger readers.

Please enjoy! And till next time!