Hello everyone! 

Happy weekend!!

I hope everyone had a good time over the past few days! This is what I did!

So first, I basically spent the whole weekend in the studio, working on some new comics! But I was able to go out to a few places for the night and see like night life is like in New Jersey.

So that is basically what I looked like when I went out... the more I go out in New Jersey, the more I realized that I don't need to look fancy... and plus I was able to bring out my yellow pants again! Oh thank God it's nice weather time!

Along with that, I been watching a ton of Kitchen Nightmares (both UK and US versions) and I been cooking a ton! I sort of wish I was a real chef cause I would look super duper cute! Tee hee!

So here are two dishes that I made over the weekend! 

The first is a kimchi and chicken pasta sauce made with Irish butter over a bed of tri-color pasta and spring salad.

And the other is a budae jiigae made with kimchi, fishcake, one piece of tofu. and fried tofu over a bed of noodles. 

Everything was delicious!! Yummy in my tummy!

Till next time!