Hello everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter! No matter if you are religious or not, it was a great weekend to be out! So you guys must be wondering what I did for Easter weekend hmmm?

Well let's start with Good Friday... 

Good Friday started out as a girl's night out to this new club in Brooklyn.

I went thinking it would be awesome... but then I realized it was not what I thought it would be... or better yet... it was not as fun and I was hoping it would be... a club filled with hipsters doesn't mean it's going to be hip if you know what I mean? But anyway... the stamps and markings of the club wouldn't go away so I had to keep the "stamps of shame" hahaha


Then after that, we decided to go to a small zoo in New Jersey called the Turtleback Zoo, which had an outside adventure course! So we actually "flew" on Easter on a zip line! 

Jesus isn't the only one who "rose" today... hahah! (Sorry that's the only Easter Joke I'm going to do!)

But the one thing I learned from zip lining is that I should not be afraid of doing something adventurous. In order to get the most in life, something you must do something you never thought of. When you do, your wisdom and view of the world will be better and bigger.


Then after that night and walking around Manhattan, a few girls friends went to New Jersey and had another night out at a few bars. A ton of weird stuff happened like a ton of guys taking an interest in little, old me... but half the time I felt old... (my catch phrase could of been "where is a good damn stool when you need one?!" LOL)

Then on easter morning, I helped made breakfast for the ladies and made awesome pancakes, such as a chili powder pineapple pancake and virgin mimosas! Yumm!


Once after we flew like super heroes, we went around the zoo, which had really cool animals like a red panda and wolves!! haha I even saw a white one and kept calling it ghost... GHOST!! GHOST!! COME TO ME AND LIVE IN MY WALL!! HAHAH jk


And that was basically my weekend... it was jam pack of doing new things, exploring my situation and finding the joys and adventures nearby me. On that note, I am happy to say that my lent is now over and I will be doing all the things that made my life hard the past 40 days! Woo hoo!!


Oh and by the way, had one of Ommegang's Game of Throne's booze. A-MAZ-ING!

If only I can have my own dragons... *sigh*

Till next time!