Hello everyone!!

Happy Ash Wednesday!

To those you don't know what Ash Wednesday is, it's the start of a 40-ish day period where Christians and Catholics "fast". It is a reflection on the 40 days that Christ was fasting in the dessert and endured temptations from Satan.

Not trying to be too religious but I do practice this too. And this year, I decided to give up convenience. What does that mean and why am I doing that?

Well you see, I could have gone the easy way and got rid of drinking or soda or sweets but 1.) I do that every year and I fail and 2.) that's the easy way out... 

And then it hit me... that's the easy way out! And that I am subconsciously very, very lazy.

And with that, I created a list for me to "fast" from... and here it is-

  1. I cannot take the easy commute. I can only take mass transit if it is taking me either to a different borough or state.
  2. I cannot buy fast food. I must either plan 1 days in advance or make my own lunch.
  3. I cannot use an ATM for easy money withdrawals or deposits. I must go to a bank teller for any bank stuff.
  4. I cannot go to a convenience store/ pharmacies for any purchases. 
  5. I cannot do anything for the "convenience of now". In order for a plan to happen, it must be planned 1 day in advance.
  6. I cannot impulse buy any materials, unless planned 1 day in advance. 

And it started today... and boy... IT SUCKS!!! 

I mean, it's such a good lent idea... but it sucks for the lazy person in me.

Anyway keep me on track, guys! I got 46 more days to go!

Till next time!