Working on a secret project which involved taking a picture of my desk... and I thought that it would be cool to show you guys too!

It's pretty crowded but I can explain everyone on there!

  1. Find a job/ Make comics- gotta make the money somehow right?!?
  2. Drawing of that handsome guy?- that's my sexy boyfriend ;)
  3. Powerball ticket- me and my bf each got one on Valentines day... it's not a winner but I like to think I won since I have him.
  4. Salior moon chibis- ummm who can't have sailor moon chibi's on their desk? I NEED THAT MOON PRISM POWER TO KEEP ME GOING!!
  5. Other post-its- I'm not that great with memory, especially if it's on the internet... so I gotta write reminders for myself... such an old person!

Till next time!