Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is resting up before the big week starts.

I know I am! All I have been doing is doodling on my phone... and I thought, I might as well share them on the web!

All the doodles were done on my note 3... and I wanted to go back to drawing basics... like using pencils and line drawings and naked people... so that's what I did...

I got a book that has a ton of naked people and I think I'm going to start drawing one person per day... and I'll post it up on this blog later! Sounds cool? Of course!


And then I wanted to do some sketches that looked and felt like hair... it's weird how hair is everywhere... yet it's also something that we associate with beauty... 

It's also scientifically very complicated... a strand of hair could tell your whole biological make up! That's insane! And we shed hair all the time! If there was a roaming biologist that collected and remade identities... everyone would be in danger! (but thank god that doesn't exist!)

Welp that's it!

Till next time!~