Brrrrr!! It's so cold today!

I hope many of you guys are safe and warm in your houses as this super storm comes through the northeast area. I am unfortunately not. 

I spent the whole morning shoveling... and might have to spend more time tomorrow shoveling... *sigh*

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys of this wonderful drink I found!!

It's a flavor from Angry Orchard and it's called "Cinniful Apple"... and oh god, if I wasn't in a relationship now, I would be having an affair with this drink! It's like an apple cinnamon booze drink that is yummy in my tummy!!

Well... too bad I won't be drinking it for a while... or that much... or both?

Basically, I'm on a fitness plan but I'll explain that in another entry.

Hope you guys get a good start to your weekend!

See you guys next time!