P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-A-N-C-E (Find out what it means to me)

You guys... I want to show you what the face of perseverance looks like...


Yeah that's right... that goofy look trying to look cool at the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum is what perseverance is. 

Now you might be saying, why is crazy Haemi talking about this?

Well... because the past few months, I was struggling... BIG TIME. The past few months might have been the hardest months that I have been through for a while (maybe the third hardest moment... after me being born and me trying to get into college hah!) I was started a job that wasn't what I thought it was, and after seeing all the red flags and wrong things that occurred, I realized that I was on a collision course. And through that time, trying to persevere was the last thing on my mind.

When you are about to crash into something, usually the first thing that comes to mind is "OMFG ADLKFJLDSK GOTTA JUMP SHIP!!"... and you would tuck and roll and avoid the disaster. That's common sense telling us to do that. But perseverance is different- it's what that crazy voice in the back sometimes says but common sense tries to hush it up. That voice usually says "stick it out to the end- don't give up just yet". See- that sounds crazy right? But I have to admit... that voice was right... 

If I didn't stick it out till the end, I wouldn't have gained anything from it... I wouldn't have the horror stories that happened in and out of the office, I wouldn't have see the face of evil (which is old by the way... super, super, super old!) and I wouldn't have the bragging rights that I have survived the worst workplace in the world! (yay no therapy!) 

Anyway- I just wanted to say that a lot of times we don't like to "persevere" in anything... we are very fickle and two sided. If we don't like something, obviously we stop and do something else. But I just wanted to give my readers some thought- maybe give that voice a chance. Maybe there is something good at the end of it... good at the end of all the work and struggle you would go through.

Maybe the good looks like that face up there? Who knows! :)

Till next time!

Philly bound!! (What I did this weekend!)

So a lot of changes occurred this weekend (but I'll get to that later)

To celebrate the beginning to a new start, I decided to take an impromptu trip to Philly!

I got to to say Philadelphia is a great city to do a one day trip at- it cost basically nothing! It was fun to see all the fun attractions- like the steps that Rocky ran up... thought I'm sure the real reason he ran up those stairs was because he really wanted to see the museum! hahah!

Then after, I did the tradition of eating at Jim's, went window shopping and tested out many bathrooms! (Cause I'm old and nature is my best friend who calls on me constantly!!

There was one difference that happened... I TRIED WAWA FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Totally worth it!!! LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM!! Seriously... now that I'm writing this entry, I want another hoagie... UGHH WHY CAN'T MY DREAMS COME TRUE?!?!


Til next time!