These are a few of my favorART things- Wacom Creative Stylus 2

I have been receiving a lot of emails about an old post about what materials I have on my desktop and everyone seemed so interested in that. Since I am here to please everyone's curiousity- I thought I should start a series "These are a few of my favorATE things"!

Part one- Wacom Creative Stylus 2 tablet pen for tablets

This is a pen I got since I thought I would be doing more work on my iPad that my laptop in the future. It's not that bad... I believe the iPad isn't up to par regarding tablet-pen integration but it is something that I am excited to use.


It is connected via bluetooth and could only be used for certain programs (when you buy the pen, they give you a list of apps). That may seem strange but the apps are really good to begin with so I wasn't that bummed. Again, this isn't the same as using photoshop or any other software on an actual laptop but it does get the job quick and done. 


Would I recommend this? I would say yes but only if you are really interested in making art on the fly and on a tablet. I would rather recommend you stick to a pen and a sketchbook but that's my opinion.

Till next time!

Spring is in the air... and so are my postcards!!


Hello everyone! 

Spring was suppose to be in the air- but it's definitely feeling more like summer... 

But something else is definitely in the air... and your mail box!

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Till next time!