Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy few weeks and there hasn't been much of an update! 

So here is a super edition update for you guys!

Two weeks ago, I went to Harvard University...

Not to enroll in school (because I don't think I can ever be THAT smart to attend) but for some research for some comic stories!)

It was a fun (but tiring and tedious) and also this time, I had a crazy "research assistant" (aka my mother... who disappeared 90% of the time that I actually needed her lol) with me.

TIme spent with my head in the books + good clam chowder and crab cakes = not a bad time in Boston

But that doesn't mean that I am warming up to Boston... still would rather be in NYC... hahah!


After that, I just spent all my time looking at my research info and taking notes... 

Along with keeping the theme of eating Seafood... 

Yeah man... my allergies to shellfish did not forgive me at all... hahaha!! (cries)

This past weekend, I spent my whole time eating good food!

There was free ice cream at Morgenstern's and I had cute piggies for dimsum! (It's a custard bun filling so it's just as sweet!)

Then after that, I basically died... when you go hardcore at cycling, you should expect to hardcore recover! 

Welp till next time!




It's that time of the year where I go crazy just for the sake of craziness!

It's NaNoWriMo!! or National Novel Writing Month! It's where I write a ton of stuff every day and by the end of the month, I should have a "novel" completed!

So I'm taking this challenge to write the whole script for Brown Tiger! How exciting is that? I might go crazy but it will be for fun! Yay!

Till next time!!

Hey everyone!

Just dumped some sketches from my Note 3 onto the site!

Check it out- like this one where i tried to illustrate how guys on OKCupid make me vomit... YEAH!

hahah till next time!