Yesterday was a really hard day for me...

Luckily, I have the best boyfriend in the world.

The animation can't describe it as much as I want to but he is truly an amazing guy.

His picture is next to the words "happy" and "perfect".

Look it up ;)

Till next time!~

Hello everyone!


While it's crazy out there, I'm taking the day to catch up on MAD MEN (get it? cause it's crazy out there!!)

And while I'm watching that, I been doing some more quick animations!!

Enjoy them!

Till then time!~


Happy snow day (again!)

I got this new app for my note 3 called Flipaclip and it's pretty awesome!

I made an animation within 15 mins... cool huh?!

Seriously love my new phone... I don't know any other phone that could do that... right??? hahaha

Welp, till next time!